I’m a designer and entrepreneur who uses any and all tools available to tell stories that connect human experiences including graphic design, photography, self-portraiture, tomfoolery, music and/or movement.

I have always been interested in visual communication. Before attending Graduate School at Pratt Institute I worked with individuals who were some combination of deaf, blind, developmentally and/or physically disabled, often with behavioral issues.

It was freaking awesome.

I also have a great deal of experience working in the non-profit world, specifically advocating for Reproductive Rights and the LGBTQ community.

In September of 2017 I launched my business, selling handmade apparel on Etsy featuring references to the Golden Girls.

I have a Masters in Communication Design from Pratt Institute, including credits from the School of Visual Arts through their Masters Workshop in Venice and Rome.

I’m open to a myriad collaborations so please get in touch!